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FOX News
Dec 5, 2012 1:00pm PST
a good education by this very union. they will go on strike if you try to connect performance with reward. half the children in the schools, poor black and hispanics whose parents can not afford to put them in private schools which is what everyone else is doing, half of them drop out before they graduate. what of the ones who graduate are functionally illiterate. they will never get a decent job. >>eric: david, let's stay on the video. the teachers union puts this together and in the video they talk about the amount, the bailout, specifically, that money was spent to rich people bailed out rich bankers and the rich stock market. hopefully we have a full screen of this. look at money that came from that stimulus package that they reference in the video, the department of education, $53 billion. >>guest: it is going into the pockets --. >>eric: let me finish, special education $12 billion. and unemployment, additional insurance, the billions and billions and billions continue to go in but they point the finger at the rich, more class warfare. >>guest: these are socialists and they are expl
FOX News
Dec 7, 2012 1:00pm PST
be a super hero you may want to turn your tall ends to educate the people on economics of country. >> that is what i do as a mortal on this follow show and on fox business network each day, jay every day, without a super her overoutfit. >> and i often watch with my dad and i think you are funny but i wonder, was he an odd kid? you seem like you would have done some odd things? >> well, if you call always worrying about the planet trying to say that the odds, well, guilty. >> kathy from hotmail, i love you, not in a romantic we because you saw it as it is. why not run for budget? i was too busy being a super hero, leaving mere mortals to lead. >> from north carolina, thanks for chewing out congress, and i am thinking of watching "lincoln" rather than fixing the economic problems. any in the of harry reid getting a waiver so senators can bring food to a private we screening of "lincoln" in the auditorium. and the fact that harry reid and other senators are voting on such foolishness and they will not pass a budget and congress voting on the word "lunatic" what the hell is happening
FOX News
Dec 11, 2012 1:00pm PST
to have a chance to get to the middle class, the growth and educational opportunities, most people, the vast majority of americans would rather have a job that pays more than a welfare check. i believe that. i know that to be true. we have answers for that. we should pursue them. >>neil: looking at the 2016 race, gingrich got headlines when he said the present cop of potential candidate would have a tough time against a possible hillary clinton democratic nominee, that the democrats run the table. what do you maybe 1/2? >>guest: all i can say, four years is a very, very long time, you think back four years ago and how different the world looks, there will be two or three things that happen between now and then and it will change the dynamic. what i am focused on is making sure for the brad of the number of americans possible, limited government and free enterprise, the principles that is built our country, one that is being sold to and appealed to the broadest number of americans. we have great principles to sell and we need to apply our principles of conservative to the challenges
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3